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. and they are rushing to take out their money which lead to the government shutting down all of the banks until at least thursday. most upset about all of this is the russian president, vladimir putin. they are rumored of depositing 19 billion euros in the cypress banks. anyway, let's go live to cypress. >> leave him alone, man. >> almost as good as a hawk eating a mouse video. >> what did this mean for america? and america ferarra as a country. >> cypress is to russia as the caymen islands is to the united states. i don't think it is going to affects our banking system. they had that choice. either that country defaults or they tax the banks and it is the russian money that is in there. >> let's say you have money in the caymen islands. >> oh, i do, greg. >> you probably do. and then all of a sudden the caymen islands decides they will take your money. isn't that an act of war? >> are you a dope for doing it. qaddafi did that. all of those people had the money. the libyan banks and qaddafi and your choice is to poke them in the chest and say give it back and he said no. that's the risk you take. you sa
in teaching. ie. kill gun. the government rebound sight quickly removed it replacing it about this, sorry there is no quote of the day but if you look at it says sorry there is no quote the of the day. >> i bond fer they wrote that quickly. that is how i live my life. there is no quote of the day. a department it of ed spokesman acknowledged the error saying this feature which automatically generates one education related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007 has been temporarily suspended. i guess because since 2007 they didn't know that that was a murderer didn't know that. >> suspended pending a review of the database content. i believe we have tape of what happened next to the error prone database. that is what he did to his people, america. bernie, this could only happen in the obama administration. >> is absolutely right. speaking of money, you you know, it is not that incongruous because they are paying for the department of education among other things. >> we owe them everything. >> absolutely right. quote away. i mean he killed his own people. he didn't kil
will take a trany doing it. i feel like -- maybe he is in league with the government and he is saying keep your mouth shut. don't go public and stay in the guy's good graces. there are a lot of theories. elvis was in nixon's pocket. >> dennis rodman is in a long line of fools who went over to the communist countries and hugged the geth ocidal dictators. one day they won't be free and they will look at dennis rodman as a villain who came to hug their persecutor. >> remember, they are the first people to go when stuff happens, lori. you were married to rodman in the 1980s. >> the 1990s. >> i'm sorry. is he a bad guy? >> he was still playing for the bulls. was he playing for the bulls? i don't remember. >> answer the question. >> no, focus on this. >> i think rodman is a disgrace and it is scary if he is the best we can do with diplomacy. north korea is nothing to mess around with. they are trying to sell the nukes. they put this propaganda video up on their own youtube channel showing missal attacks. they are a tremendous threat and the best we can do is rodman? >> i want to bring bill in. y
-- ourselves with our own cameras. it was going to be the government with cameras. it turns out it is all of us rating each other out with our cameras and that seems to be the biggest problem now. >> it is people, people actually doing this. amazing per accept tiff remark. what is happening to society and you in particular? >> the dog with the tongue and the gun. i am trying to figure this out. >> speak for our viewers. this police department evidently has a history in south jersey of not responding to tips it receives from the public. and young children have either been killed or put in harm's way as a result. i think in light of that and in light of the school shootings, i don't know. they were not infringing on anybody's rights and certainly this guy has a right to buy his son a firearm for his 11th birthday if that's what he wants to do. i would rather them be safe than sorry. >> but here is the big question it sounds sensible, but i think he might be incorrect -- sorry, rick. here is the thing. it blows my mind. under new jersey law you can't be prosecuted for making false allegations for
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)